What Does Teli Mean?

Teli is an ancient mystical word that is connected to the constellation Draco and the path of the ecliptic that circles it. It has special meaning to me, as it represents connection, duality and togetherness. Our goal remains to build technology that helps bring people together. Draco is represented by a dragon, which is incorporated into our products and services.

Joshua Weiss, CEO

Our Goals

Our singular purpose is to enable our AI engine to derive meaningful and actionable data insights. With the capacity to detect, analyze and predict trends, our proprietary technology is used to influence human behavioral patterns to achieve positive outcomes. Our partners benefit from our industry knowledge and our desire to enable positive associations between their customers and their brands.

We Stand Behind Our Work
And Your Business


A team of talented professionals with design, computer science, mathematics and marketing backgrounds.


Twenty years of experience in artificial intelligence, custom software development, graphic design and digital marketing.


Trusted by over one hundred startups, enterprises and Fortune 100s.

Meet the Team

A collection of renegades, outlaws, visionaries, loyalists, theorists & big dreamers

Mike Means

VP, Sales

Mike builds on forty years of national distribution and logistics experience, corporate level engagements and senior-level marketing and sales success for Fortune 100s in national retail and traditional environments.

Arthur Warady, CPA, Esq.

VP, Business Development

Arthur’s thirty-five years of business development experience in federal grant writing and technology licensing enables us to seamlessly integrate with financial institutions and government agencies.

Ryan Su

Design Director

Ryan is an inspirational creative strategist and digital development expert. Ryan is a fluent graphic designer and illustrator, and his creative direction and influence brings everything at TeliApp to life.

Working and Thriving

A Sneak Peek into Life at TeliApp

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Office Locations

TeliApp HQ – New Jersey

401 Wood Ave

Linden, NJ 07036

United States

TeliApp – New York

101 Park Ave

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TeliApp – Philadelphia

1701 Market St

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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